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Carpet Cleaning Services NYC

Our uniformed carpet cleaners provide the most professional carpet cleaning services in NYC. The carpet cleaning service we offer most often is the hot water extraction method with the use of steam cleaning. The process involves three steps to effectively clean some of the most soiled carpets.

The first step for Carpet Cleaning Services NYC is a thorough vacuum of all carpets followed by pre-spray with enzyme treatment chemical to loosen all soils in the carpet or rug. The carpet is then raked to agitate the pre-spray chemical to obtain maximum effectiveness.

The second step for Carpet Cleaning is a steam cleaning rinse with hot water and carpet extraction chemical. The carpets are scrubbed with either a carpet cleaning wand or rotovac tool to ensure the carpet cleaning process is detailed and complete. This carpet cleaning step also includes the removal of all excess water and chemical residue by the carpet extractor.

The third and final step is the treatment of any spots or carpet stains that were not effectively removed with step two. Various carpet spotting chemicals used to treat stains and spots. Step three is repeated until all spots and stains are removed from the carpet.

All of our carpet cleaning services can be provided using green carpet cleaning or organic carpet cleaning services. We offer some of the best carpet cleaning prices in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Astoria, Bronx, Manhattan and NYC. We also provide Oriental rug cleaning services in NYC. This rug cleaning process is done in one of our carpet cleaning plants. We offer free pickup and delivery for rug cleaning services.

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Carpet Cleaning Services NYC